Anyplace reveals US digital nomad trends

US: B2C marketplace Anyplace has outlined the latest digital nomad trends that the company is seeing across its platform in the United States.

With companies like Google and Airbnb extending their remote working policies, many professionals are moving out of urban centres such as New York City and San Fransisco to rural areas.

Twitter, Facebook and Shopify are now also allowing employees to work remotely as demand for fixed office space nosedives.

The top 10 destinations where US domestic nomads have recently been looking for a place on the Anyplace platform are:

1. Denver (Colorado)

2. Orange County (California)

3. Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

4. Dallas (Texas)

5. Orlando (Florida)

6. Jacksonville (Florida)

7. Honolulu (Hawaii)

8. San Antonio (Texas)

9. Minneapolis (Minnesota)

10. Phoenix (Arizona)

On an international scale, countries like Barbados, Estonia and Georgia have announced a digital nomad visa for people who move away, not just to a different city but also to a different country. Anyplace said it expected this lifestyle to become more common both during and post-Covid.

From a supply perspective, short-term operators like hotels and vacation rentals are pivoting their business models towards long-term or extended stays. Hyatt has drawn up a work-from-hotel plan to cater to this emerging trend.

According to Anyplace’s data, the average length of stay in total for US digital nomads on its platform is seven months, including those users who have extended their stays or change locations continuously. In addition, the average length of stay for the initial booking is 90 days, and the booking windows for travellers have dropped to eight days on average before their move-in date. 

The principal types of accommodation booked are furnished apartments and short term rentals (45 per cent), coliving developments (35 per cent) and hotels (20 per cent).

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