Branson to transform Makepeace Island in to boutique hotel

Australia: Richard Branson has revealed plans for a hotel on his heart-shaped Queensland island.

The entrepreneur said he wanted to make the 10-hectare island on the Noosa River more accessible – currently guests can only stay there Island if they book the whole island for a minimum of AUS$8000 per night. The 11-room property hosts a minimum of eight people and a maximum of 22.

Under the plans, which are subject to council approval, guests will pay around $850 per person per night with a minimum three-night stay. The price will include meals and transfers.

Branson said he hopes to be taking bookings before the end of 2013. “We’d like couples to be able to book the island rather than just people who can afford to take the island as a whole. I find it quite strange that people have these beautiful homes and sometimes only use them for three or four weeks a year.”

The island currently has three private villas, media room, lagoon swimming pool and 15-person spa, grass tennis court, outdoor cinema and offer activities including kayaking, waterskiiing, fishing and river cruises.

“Makepeace Island is my home when I come to Australia,” Branson said.

The island is one of several properties in Branson’s Virgin Limited Edition collection, including Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, Mahali Mzuri tented safari camp in Kenya and The Lodge in Switzerland.

He is reported to be looking at other “exquisite bits of land that need protecting” in Madagascar and Ethiopia.

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