Brøchner opens Denmark’s first chemical-free hotel

Denmark: Brøchner Hotels has opened Herman K, a luxury boutique hotel where chemicals are not a part of the cleaning products and process.

Brøchner Hotels has teamed up with Danish company ACT.Global, to coat all the rooms and suites at Hotel Herman K with ACT CleanCoat – an invisible and odourless coating that makes surfaces self-disinfectant, ensuring low-bacterial level, healthy indoor climate and cleaner air.

Instead of using traditional cleaning chemicals, ECA water, created by electrolysis of salt and water, is used to clean the rooms.

Brøchner Hotels tested ACT CleanCoat at Hotel Astoria, another hotel in Copenhagen also owned by the boutique hotel chain, where part of the interior is the original from 1935. After testing for several months improvements were clear, it says.

“We saw that limestone and dirt simply did not stick to bathroom elements, to the same extent as before the coating. Because of this, our Quality & Service team do not have to use cleaning products containing chemicals, and the cleaning itself is also less demanding. The most incredible and best part is, that the bacterial level in the rooms and suites is actually lower than what is required in an operating room at a hospital. Before we started the coating process at Hotel Astoria, the bacterial level was measured to 39 RLU. After the coating and several cleanings, the number was down to 1.715 RLU. In addition, the indoor climate in the rooms has improved and water consumption has fallen,” said Christian Lond, director of procurement at Brøchner Hotels.

“At Brøchner Hotels, it is our ambition to develop and use innovative solutions, so we can continue to create and manage unique hotels with great care and passion. Therefore, it is natural for us to use the latest solutions in the market to ensure that we provide extraordinary hotel-experiences for all guests,” he continued.

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