citizenM chairman says Glasgow hotel was a mistake

UK: Rattan Chadha, chairman of the citizenM chain, has claimed opening a hotel in Glasgow as a mistake due to the level of drinking in the city.

In an interview with business magazine Inc., Chadha said opening a branch in Glasgow city centre was a mistake because of the level of drinking by guests.

He said of the Renfield Street property: “Glasgow was a mistake.After opening our first two properties in Amsterdam, we were looking in the UK in 2007. London prices were sky-high, so when we found a prime place in downtown Glasgow, we said ‘It’s not ideal, but let’s try.’ It’s the number one hotel in Glasgow, but it doesn’t attract our target customers. Most people come from England or other parts of Scotland, and like to drink. When the bars close, they bring the party back to the hotel. That’s not what we intended. Every evening, we have someone falling down the stairs. We’ve had to hire extra security.”

citizenM spokeswoman said the comments were taken out of context and that Chadha had been referring to incidents when the hotel first opened. “It was one of the best decisions ever to go there,” she said. “He never actually said Glasgow was a mistake, as we are very deeply rooted in Glasgow. The hotel is well received here and we are very happy with the Glasgow property.”

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