Fast Future London Futures week to launch next month

UK: Fast Future, a global foresight business, is to launch its latest programme March 30th to accelerate leadership learning and action in pursuit of a viable future.

The programme will be delivered by Fast Future’s team of global futurists and selected partners. IORMA – The Global Consumer Commerce Centre, is a strategic partner for the event series.

The one week event will include a series of briefings, seminars, workshops, and conferences that have been designed to meet the needs of business leaders, decision makers, and change agents who are tasked with navigating their organisations through future uncertainty.

Sessions will provide critical insights, ideas, practical tools and approaches to explore and respond to disruptive trends and map the possibilities that will shape the operating environment in the next few years.

The agenda will focus on technology disruption, global economic shifts and tensions, and new requirements of competing in a post-Brexit world – all made more complex by the uncertain duration and impact of Covid-19 and the growing urgency to tackle the challenges of climate change.

Fast Future CEO, Rohit Talwar, said: “We created Fast Future’s London Futures Week as a series of events to respond directly to the growing urgency being expressed by our clients and contacts across the business world around the need to future proof their organisations.” 

“Many have been telling us recently that they are experiencing the unprecedented coming together of these major drivers of change that demand a different way of thinking and a future-focused approach to defining and delivering strategy. Hence, we have pulled together a series of fast paced briefings, seminars, workshops, and conferences designed to focus people’s thinking, inspire new possibilities, and accelerate the delivery of future focused strategies and change programmes.”

John Andrews, founder and chair of IORMA said: “The events align perfectly with the opportunities and challenges for global Britain following Brexit, and recognise the accelerating global trends concerning the “inevitable evolution” fusion of humanity with technology.”

“We believe Fast Future’s London Futures Week is an ideal fit with our core mission of helping our member organisations transform themselves into truly customer focused businesses in an increasingly customer centric world. The week will provide leaders and change agents with a tremendous array of powerful ideas, practical tools, and robust approaches to define and deliver valuable change in their organisations. When we heard about the purpose and content of this week, we had no hesitation in offering to be a lead partner. It is exactly what our members are looking for.”

Full details of Fast Future’s London Futures week is available here.

Fast Future helps global businesses, governments, and NGOs make sense of the key forces for change and the implications for their organisations through speaking, executive education, research, consulting and publishing.

IORMA is a foresight research organisation concerned with future trends in global consumer commerce and the impacts of evolving disruptive technologies on consumers, business, governments, health and academia.

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