Hotel Indigo launches ‘Clues to the Neighbourhood’ project

Europe: Clues to the Neighbourhood is a collection of items that are integrated into the hotel’s design, allowing travellers to base their exploration of the area on clues.

Each collection is curated by musicians, artists and local experts.

The curators select a series of items, for example an antique decanter or a toy dinosaur, to represent a local story or offer a different perspective of a well-trodden landmark.

Clues to the Neighbourhood is launching in three Hotel Indigo properties around the world: Hotel Indigo Berlin – East Side Gallery, Hotel Indigo Stratford-upon-Avon, and Hotel Indigo Brussels – City.

Mercury Prize-nominated singer and songwriter Laura Mvula, and Berlin-based digital creative and tastemaker, Cloudy Zakrocki, worked closely with Hotel Indigo to create the installations.

Mvula said: “My Clues to the Neighbourhood aren’t things that you’ll find in the guide book – which is exactly what I look for when I travel. My clues capture the pace of the town and that real sense of calm and pensiveness, as well as some of its most unique experiences. I love how the clues, which range from antique coins to contemporary art prints help guests to discover Stratford-upon-Avon in a multi-dimensional way.”

Zakrocki added: “Have you ever done something that is so unique that it’s hard to explain to your friends? Well, trust me, my Clues to the Neighbourhood for Berlin are most definitely something few people know about. For example, one of my clues which can be found in Berlin’s Schöneberg district, reveals that you can climb the world’s only open-air gasometer to an altitude of almost 80 meters.”

Hotel Indigo will soon offer experiences in 10 new countries, including Peru, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, India, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Meredith Latham, vice president, global Hotel Indigo at IHG, said: “It is the neighbourhood that inspires the features of each Hotel Indigo. From the design of the space to the flavours of our restaurant menus, we bring local stories to our guests in a unique way. Our hotels provide a gateway to discover some of the most vivid locations in the world. With this project, our guests have a new way to unlock curiosity in the local area.”

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