Generator and Freehand Hotels partner with Duetto

US: Generator and Freehand Hotels have announced their partnership with cloud hospitality solutions company Duetto.

The group will employ Duetto’s revenue strategy platform to streamline its operations.

Generator and Freehand Hotels operate 19 properties worldwide, across the boutique hotel and hostel asset class. The full portfolio was integrated across six weeks, with all properties now using the optimised pricing, efficient forecasting, and reporting tools requisite in the agreement.

Edward Pinchard, chief commercial officer, Generator and Freehand Hotels, said: “We had been with an existing pricing tool for the last 18 months and we were looking to move to a revenue strategy platform. There was a clear difference between what we had and what Duetto provides. The analytics and reporting in Duetto are impressive and will add a new dimension to our revenue management capabilities in the future.”

Duetto’s partnership with cloud-based PMS Mews contributed to the speed of the process. The brands co-operated to create a customer-led data provisioning process, including granular data and a data validation toolkit.

David Woolenberg, Duetto CEO, said: “Generator and Freehand are very forward-looking brands that are intent on pulling out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and better equipped technologically to face the ‘new normal’. The team had quickly evaluated the situation and realised they needed more from their tech stack, and we are extremely proud they chose Duetto.”

Last month, Duetto announced a significant executive shake-up, appointing Cheryl Chavez as its chief product officer and James Lim as senior vice president of engineering. The two will continue to assist the scaling of the company and its products as it grows.

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