Mews partners with Saira Hospitality

Mews Saira Hospitality

Harsha L’Acqua (left), Paul Mooney (right) [Credit: Mews Unfold]

Worldwide: Hospitality technology platform Mews has partnered with Saira Hospitality to launch five pop-up hospitality schools and develop an online training solution.

The partnership will last for an initial 18 months with the first school set to open in London this June. A pop-up school in Amsterdam will launch later in the year. 

Students will be trained in two ways:

1. Using Saira’s curriculum and knowledge, the global program will specialise in life skills development, leadership, communication and emotional intelligence. After completing the program, graduates will then be employed at properties running on Mews.

2. Key parts of Saira’s curriculum will also be made available online to the Mews University platform. This will offer Mews customers and the wider industry access to digital life skill sessions.

Harsha L’Acqua, founder and CEO at Saira Hospitality said: “Our two companies are passionate about challenging the status quo and innovation, Mews with technology and Saira with people and education. After just one discussion, it became clear that our graduates would benefit immensely from harnessing Mews’ tech platform to elevate hospitality training and service and ultimately reinspire the industry.”

Paul Mooney, chief customer officer at Mews said: “Hospitality isn’t just about business; it also has a key role to play in education and building local communities. What’s so exciting about this partnership is that it can make a real difference to individuals while also helping our industry to create a new, enthused talent pool.”

Saira Hospitality is a non-profit organisation that has been operating since 2015. It has a history of partnering with world hotel brands to support talent search, whilst changing how operators can connect and support local communities.

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