Accor accelerates growth

Accor accelerates

The Pullman Power Fitness pod, designed by Accor and Citroën

It’s been almost one year since the merger between Ennismore and Accor was first announced. The deal created much furore at the time, most likely due to the absence of large scale M&A activity. It also signalled the rebirth of a lifestyle hospitality powerhouse with the Ennismore name bearing a heightened status within the industry.

Now that the merger has closed, the reworked Ennismore entity launches with 89 operating properties and a pipeline of 141 hotels worldwide. With the backing of a hotel chain one can be wary of product dilution, though Accor’s innovative spirit suggests otherwise. The Ennismore engine will drive exciting change in hospitality and travel and if there’s any indication of what’s to come then Accor’s partnership with Citroën is a good place to start.

As part of The Urban Collëctif, Accor has designed two mobility pods which can transport users across cities. Powered by The Citroën Skate which sits below the pods, the vision is to create an autonomous, on-demand solution for urban travellers. An ultra-futuristic concept indeed, and one which is estimated to improve traffic fluidity by at least 35 per cent.

The pods, inspired by two hotel brands Sofitel and Pullman, will appeal to the new-age traveller – one not necessarily distinguished by age but those seeking something different. Eventually the two pods can be reserved using the Accor Live Limitless app, further strengthening the loyalty ties between brand and guest. It’s an interesting idea and I’ll be watching this space closely for future developments.

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