Bollywood actress Pednekar invests in Chrome Asia hotel in Goa


[From left] Pawan Shahri, Bhumi Pednekar, Dhaval Udeshi and Nikita Shahri

India: Renowned Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar has invested in Chrome Asia Hospitality Group’s first foray into the luxury hospitality sector, with the group’s first boutique hotel in Goa under the Kaia brand.

Since launching three years ago, Chrome Hospitality operates a multi-brand portfolio across India, though Kaia is the group’s first luxury boutique hotel in Goa.

In Mumbai, the group now co-owns eight restaurants and consults with 12 more sites, while it launched its Shy! flagship brand in the city earlier this year. Chrome Hospitality has also made its first venture into the luxury living space in 2023, launching Kaia in Ashvem in Goa.

Pednekar told Forbes India: “F&B and hospitality are two sectors that have always excited me. I am a foodie, and I love travelling. When this collaboration came along, what excited me most was the property was located in Goa, where I belong to and where I’ve spent many years of my life travelling. Plus, it was a brand that championed sustainability, something that is close to my heart.

“We want to move to other unique locations too that wouldn’t be easily accessible to people. We hope that through our brand, we can create awareness around these places,” she added.

Chrome Hospitality founder Pawan Shahri said: “We want to introduce a new segment that will focus on eco-conscious living and will offer localised experiences. Bhumi’s philosophy of slow living aligns with our brand vision.”

Shahri expects to expand the Kaia brand footprint to five locations by 2026, including the likes of Ranthambore, Coorg and Kerala.

Pednekar told the same publication that F&B ventures appealed to her, as well as companies that are “smart enough to adapt to the new ways of living” and that “look to go green”.

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