Hotel Lancaster launches sustainable NFT range

Hotel Lancaster launches sustainable NFT range

[Credit: Hotel Lancaster]

France: Hotel Lancaster in Paris has launched a range of NFTs, each linked with a luxury experience at the hotel while helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste in Brazil.

The NFT range, initially restricted to 15, have been designed by Plastiks. They will offer a one night stay for two people in one of Hotel Lancaster’s luxury bedrooms, including free breakfast and a VIP Club Membership Card offering discounts on future reservations.

Each NFT will be associated to a hotel room and will contain the artwork featured in the room that the guest is staying in, as well as the Plastic Recovery Guarantee which proves that plastic has been removed from the environment in Brazil.

Hotel Lancaster is sponsoring Brazilian startup Green Mining, a reverse logistics solutions to improve material recovery with labour compliance and full traceability by blockchain. The goal is to remove 15 tons of plastic, which equates to 1000kg per NFT.

Profits made from the sale of the NFTs will be donated to a green initiative in Brazil involved in the fight against plastic pollution. The NFTs nave also been minted on the Carbon Neutral blockchain Celo.

The integration of Plastic Recovery Guarantees forms part of Hotel Lancaster’s strategy to offset its environmental impact. So far, the hotel has remove single use bathroom amenities, developed a locally sourced and organic restaurant menu, removed paper products, and minimised water usage.

Lydérick Jadaud, hotel director at Hotel Lancaster said: “These NFTs allow our clients to directly contribute to the global fight against plastic waste and improve lives of the people collecting plastic in developing countries. I am immensely proud that Hotel Lancaster is able to bring these groups together through this fantastic project.

“Sustainability is becoming an important part of the hospitality industry, especially in cities where it can be more difficult to introduce greener practices, Plastiks’ NFTs allows us to demonstrate to our guests that we share commitment to solving the current climate crisis and helping to reduce damaging single-use plastic contamination.

This project is part of a journey for us and our industry to truly embed sustainable practices into our everyday life. Our next step for us is a full audit of the amount of plastic that we use in our hotel today, so that we can continue to neutralise our plastic usage completely by recovering it all around the world.”

André Vanyi-Robin, CEO of Plastiks said: “We’re delighted that Hotel Lancaster has chosen Plastiks to help it lead the way, in what is an inherently difficult industry to adapt to sustainable living. With pioneering blockchain technology, we can bring transparency, traceability and accountability to how the world deals with problem plastics in the environment, ensuring that generations to come are able to enjoy global travel in the way that many are able to today.”

Plastiks launched earlier this year as the world’s first utility NFT dedicated to the fight against plastic waste and is powered by Nozama, the London-based global sustainability technology company.

Hotel Lancaster NFTs can be purchased through Plastiks’ marketplace here.

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