JOI-Design and SV Hotels unveil three projects

Europe: Hospitality interior architect JOI-Design, in partnership with Swiss developer SV Hotels, have unveiled three projects in Germany and Switzerland including the world debut of the Stay KooooK brand.

Moxy Hamburg City

Located at the Berliner Tor transport hub in Hamburg, this 291-room hotel opened in September 2020. Yellow lines painted on the ground provide a map-like effect, guiding guests throughout the open-plan space. 

A lounge area features timber swing benches, and the bar (which doubles as the reception desk) is styled to look like an oversized shipping container. Co-working areas can also be found at the back of the public areas.

Stay KooooK Bern

SV Hotels’ new extended-stay brand Stay KooooK was developed to offer something different from the serviced apartments already in the market. The public areas are designed to feel like the backyard of a home, with work and lounge spaces as well as an open kitchen. Stay KooooK Bern is located in the Wankdorf City district of the Swiss capital.

There’s no reception desk nor a lobby or bar; instead, visitors are welcomed by one of two hosts and then everything is geared towards a digital journey. Whether check-in, opening the bedroom door or bike storage space, or checking out: everything runs via a smartphone app.

In each of the 59 studios is a mobile wall: a room divider that allows guests to design their own rooms. The partition enables spatial flexibility and is controlled by a metal crank that slides the partition back and forth within the centre of the room.

Moxy Bern Expo

Adjacent to Stay KooooK is SV Hotels’ second project in Wankdorf. It features 130 guest rooms and its public areas are open-plan. In Bern, many clubs and bars are below ground level due to architectural and historical circumstances; the hotel’s bar concept is influenced by this knowledge.

Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, co-founder and partner, JOI-Design, said: “We are happy and very thankful that SV Hotels placed their trust in us as interior designers for these three projects. I personally had the pleasure of working with Beat Kuhn, managing director, SV Hotels, 20 years ago. Back then, we also ventured into a world premiere: McDonald’s entered the hotel industry with the so-called ‘Golden Arch Hotels’ with the first one in Zurich – it too, had forward-looking ideas and technical innovations. Even back then, Beat Kuhn was already at the forefront! Today, he still has wonderfully crazy ideas for his company, and I am more than grateful we were able to accompany the launch of his new brand, the world’s first Stay KooooK.”

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