Renovated Wisconsin hotel to open on Valentine’s Day

US: Hotel Northland in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin is welcoming its first guests on Valentine’s Day.

The 160-room hotel will be opening on February 14, 2019.

John Williams, general manager, said: “For the people of Green Bay, it’s been a marathon. For me, it has been a sprint-and-a-half. I started on this project in mid-June. Greenwood Hospitality, the owner and operator, with Octagon Partners, started in April. It’s really been a long challenging finish. These things are really hard to do under great circumstances. We had a little issue with getting furniture here, all resolved. It was hard, it was tough, but we love the project. We love being in Green Bay and we are excited.”

He added: “This lobby floor was installed in 1924 and it was restored one square inch at a time. Literally, there was a crew with hammers and chisels chipping away defective tiles on their knees for months on end and they just finished a few weeks ago.”

The Hotel Northland is part of the Marriott Autograph Collection of boutique hotels. It opened in 1924, is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

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