Torel 1884 boutique hotel opens in historic city of Porto

Portugal: A 23-key boutique property, the Torel 1884, has opened in a former palace in the historic city of Porto.

The opening represents the second property to be bought by the same group in Portugal’s second city and it is set to mark the rebirth of Portugal as a global destination for travellers.

Once the centre of the world and a place which exported some of history’s most intrepid explorers, Portugal saw its stock decline for several decades but it has seen its popularity as a tourist destination soar in more recent years.

Lisbon, in particular, is at the heart of this trend as digital nomads flock to the country’s capital to take advantage of the cheap cost of living, good weather and proximity to the beach.

Porto, the country’s second city, is renowned for its cultural heritage, food, wine and architecture.

A host of luxurious boutique hotels are now popping up in the city, such as the Torel 1884.

The Torel was formerly a palace but now boasts 23 luxurious rooms, suites and apartments as a luxurious boutique hotel. Each suite been conceived as a standalone space.

They will however be connected by the array of carefully curated objects, elements, artworks and furniture, all of which are reminders of a bygone era of exploration and adventure.

Each floor has its own individual exotic theme, and guests are transported to Africa, Asia and the Americas via the spices, teas and coffees that are on offer, as well as each storey’s visual identity.

The design of both the private and communal spaces are contemporary, utilising floral motifs and patterns of exotic plants, especially in the Bartolomeu Bistro & Wine bar.

The hotel’s design stems from Nano Design, who also worked on the hotel’s sister property, the Torel Avantgarde.

Two local artists, Jorel Curval and Joao Pedro Rodrigues were brought on board to create bespoke installations for the entrance and artworks for the guest rooms, some of which were inspired by Portuguese literature which draws on stories of explorations and discoveries.

For more information, visit the hotel website here.

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