Best Western rebrands and launches GLo boutique hotel concept

US: Best Western International has undergone a rebrand and introduced a new boutique hotel concept.

US: Best Western International has undergone a rebrand while introducing a new boutique hotel concept.

GLo is described as “a broad-midscale new construction brand that offers a hip, boutique-style experience for savvy travellers who expect the best in value, design and comfort.”

“We looked at the segmentation of boutique hotels and realized GLō would fill a void because of the lack of a boutique product in the broad midscale segment,” said said Best Western CEO David Kong. “Developers are expressing interest in a boutique brand for secondary markets with a high density population. With the demand to build a hotel product that is fresh, chic and contemporary, we see tremendous opportunity for GLō to change the development landscape in the midscale segment.”

GLo will sit alongside the Vib brand – while Vib is for prime markets such as New York City, GLo will be for cities such as Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

“We saw the products in the mid-scale market tend to be cookie-cutter products,” said Kong. “We basically uncovered this huge untapped opportunity. We expect that because the finishing is so hip and different, we will have a lot of selfie moments in these hotels. They have unusual pieces of furniture, vibrant colours.

As the namne implies, the properties will feature LED lighting on the side of the building and in “the glowing blue scarf, providing an unmistakable beacon at night, while the ‘Lite Brite’ wall greets guest outside and extends inside behind the glowing welcome desk. During the day, the alternating blue and gold window panes bring the building to life.”

GLō had been engineered to be cost effective to build. The floor plan is designed so that the adjacent guest room baths are centre-loaded, saving about 40 to 50 square feet in construction costs.

“With the demand we are seeing for this broad-midscale boutique brand, coupled with the lower barrier to entry costs of secondary and suburban markets, we expect GLō development to ramp up very quickly,” said Ron Pohl, senior vice president brand management.

Designed as a four-storey, 70 room new construction hotel, GLō is forecast to cost $65,000 per key and depending on the market, generate a healthy average daily rate of approximately $90 in the US.

Kong announced the brand at the company’s annual conference, where he also unveiled a redesign of Best Western’s logo.

“Changing to a new logo as you can imagine is a daunting challenge,” said Kong. “People don’t like to part with what is familiar. I expect there will be some customers who say ‘Why did you do it,’ or ‘I don’t like it.'”

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