Criton report shows demand for contactless hotel solutions

UK: According to data gathered by Scottish technology provider Criton, the company has noted the rise in demand for contactless hospitality solutions.

According to Criton, 80 per cent of hotel guests would use a contactless hospitality app.

The company ran two large scale surveys, between February and March, and July and August, receiving over 7,900 responses in total. The two surveys allowed Criton to compare how sentiment regarding technology has changed over the year.

Most surveyed said they would prefer to check in and out through the use of a hotel app, with 73 per cent noting they would be willing to download and use an app for their doors. Across the board, respondents said they would take advantage of certain offerings such as room service and the hotel restaurant if they were integrated with the app.

Criton founder Julie Grieve said: “Undoubtedly due to Covid-19 there has been a significant change in how guests are looking to interact with the hotel, however in reality the demand for digital was there before the global pandemic. At Criton, our mission is to make it easy for independent hotels and groups to embrace digital to give their guests that choice of interaction, pre, during and post stay.”

Safety was also a surveyed quality, with 75 per cent of respondents saying the hotel should have clearly defined standards. 67 per cent further noted that to stay in a hotel room, staff would be obligated to disinfect anything regularly touched.

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