De Niro’s Nobu and Greenwich Hotel puts actor under financial strain

US: De Niro’s legal team have reported that investments in restaurant and hotel chain Nobu and The Greenwich Hotel has strained the actor’s finances.

The news was revealed during a divorce proceeding in which De Niro’s wife, Grace Hightower, requested an increase in her monthly American Express credit card limit from $50,000 to $100,000.

Caroline Krauss, a lawyer for De Niro, told the court that Nobu lost $3 million in April and further $1.87 million in May. 

Nobu, which has two Manhattan locations and The Greenwich Hotel, in Tribeca New York, were partially closed during the coronavirus pandemic. 

As a result of the closure, De Niro borrowed $500,000 from his business parters in order to pay investors.

In March and April, New York was the epicentre of the country’s coronavirus outbreak. It remains in a cautious state of reopening.

Other Nobu sites have since began to open. Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace in Las Vegas reopened on 2 July, along with a new location in Chicago West Loop.

Upcoming plans for the Nobu brand include its debut in Poland this summer, with a scheduled opening date of 3 August.

Nobu Hotel London Portman Square has postponed its original opening date until November 2020.

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