Global hotel bookings increase throughout May

Worldwide: The week-on-week growth of global hotel bookings has jumped from 12.87 per cent at the beginning of May to almost 19.4 per cent in two weeks.

Last month, SiteMinder launched its World Hotel Index which provides data on booking volume at a global, country and city level.

Analyses from the index are republished on HomeForHotels, a platform that gives hoteliers access to the World Hotel Index.

The latest data (19 May, 2020) shows the biggest spike in bookings comes from New Zealand. Hotel bookings have almost doubled from 21.99 per cent to 40.4 per cent.

Australia has also seen an increase in the volume of hotel bookings, rising to nearly a quarter of last year’s levels.

For the first time in Europe, bookings in the Netherlands (20.64 per cent) and Norway (23.24 per cent) have increased, whereby the countries now join Germany in surpassing the global average. In mid-May, bookings in Germany had reached its highest levels since March (when Europe became the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic). 

In the UK, hotel bookings in Bournemouth are at 15.54 per cent of 2019 levels. With hotels, pubs and restaurants scheduled to reopen in some form from 4 July, research has revealed that £3.8 billion could be spent within the first week after restrictions are lifted.

In Latin America, nation-wide bookings in Costa Rica have increased by more than 60 per cent of 2019 levels in the last two weeks.

Booking volumes in Taiwan are now sitting at 70.2 per cent of last year’s levels.

For further analysis of global hotel bookings, visit the HomeForHotels Hotel Index page here.

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