HOSPA launches sustainability toolkit

HOSPA launches sustainability toolkit

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UK: The Hospitality Professionals Association (HOSPA) has introduced a toolkit to help hotels transition to a more environmentally friendly and socially conscientious strategy.

The toolkit, available for a limited time on the HOSPA website before becoming exclusive to members, provides both environmental and societal resources to help hospitality businesses improve processes and policies. This includes guides, downloadable reports, practical advice and links to useful websites.

Consultancy experts will be available to help businesses reduce energy costs, and HOSPA’s partner Inspired Energy will provide a utilities solution.

The launch comes as an internal survey of HOSPA members revealed that sustainability is a priority amongst the majority, though it was noted they have a long way to go. 

Jane Pendlebury, CEO of HOSPA, commented: “As we continue to recover from Covid, we must look to build a better and more resilient hospitality industry that’s fit for the future. And as part of that, it’s not just about financial recovery – it’s clear that sustainability must be at the heart of the rebuilding process. After all, that’s what sustainability is: the ability to continue in the long-term. This toolkit is our way of helping to guide our members and support them in their long-term sustainability journeys.

“Collaborating with sustainability experts such as Sarah Duncan of Sleeping Lion, who has been instrumental in creating the toolkit, has helped us develop an approachable guide to greener hospitality practice. At HOSPA we understand the climate crisis can be a daunting prospect, but we strongly believe that with the help of our new toolkit, progress can be achieved in a pragmatic but motivating way.”

Sleeping Lion is a consultancy run by Sarah Duncan, author of The Ethical Business Book, which provides advice and guidance on ethical and sustainable business practices. 

Duncan said: “Sustainability is a wide and complex area – and nobody is perfect. One of the biggest challenges is knowing where to start, and this is where the toolkit can help. It gives you a starting point to help you on the journey towards genuinely sustainable business practices.”

She added: “The toolkit though is a work in progress – and probably always will be, which means HOSPA is open to ideas and new interpretations. We want this to be a collaborative effort and are actively looking for people or organisations with specific areas of understanding, so if you think you have something to add to the toolkit then do please reach out and get in touch.”

Further information about HOSPA’s sustainability toolkit can be found here.

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