Oakwood launches the Unlimited Collection soft brand

Singapore: Oakwood has launched The Unlimited Collection, a new brand which it says allows for a curation of independent properties that retain their unique positioning yet leverage Oakwood’s hospitality management expertise and distribution network.

The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood will “strengthen the group’s market potential through distinctive residential spaces that celebrate individualism”.

In a partnership with 8M Real Estate, Oakwood will manage three heritage properties in Singapore: KēSa House, Ann Siang House and Wanderlust, under The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood, with the first of three properties expected to open in Q1 2021. All three are located downtown, in Singapore’s central region, in key architectural conservation precincts.

Oakwood says The Unlimited Collection caters to “a growing segment of property owners and discerning guests, who seek to capture and experience the creative independence of a brand”.

The new brand is aimed at “the independent traveller who seeks to celebrate life through discovering new experiences, dotting each journey with unique stories to tell”.

“Oakwood is dedicated to continuous innovation and evolution with a guest-first approach. Recognising that travel decisions reflect the lifestyle and identity of our discerning owners and guests, we are excited to launch The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood and extend greater accessibility to partners on a journey towards the curation of diverse experiences. The debut of The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood alongside our inaugural partnership with 8M Real Estate symbolises the dawn of a new era in the serviced apartment industry as we celebrate individualism together,” said Dean Schreiber, interim chief executive officer of Oakwood.

Ashish Manchharam, founder and chief executive officer of 8M Real Estate, said: “Our business success can be attributed to the strategic partnerships we develop, those who share the 8M vision of conservation and community rejuvenation to deliver new experiences to Singapore. This exciting new partnership with Oakwood allows us to leverage their expertise in hospitality management and brings a global distribution network to deliver flexible living residences for locals and travellers alike. The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood allows all three properties to retain their unique characteristics and identities which we have passionately designed and developed over the past few years.”

KēSa House is a 60-room flexible living concept with six restaurants and bars. The row of ten shophouses is in the Keong Saik neighbourhood in Singapore’s Chinatown.

Currently being renovated, Ann Siang House will reopen with rooms in Chinatown, while Wanderlust has 29 rooms and suites.

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