Red Carnation unveils London’s largest “living wall”

UK: Hotel group unveils 350 square metre wall with more than 10,000 ferns, herbaceous plants and 16 tons of soil.

The wall, at Red Carnation‘s The Rubens at the Palace Hotel in London’s Victoria neighborhood, is more than 21 metros high and is designed to reduce urban flooding.

It is packed with more than 20 seasonal plant species including buttercups, crocuses, strawberries, spring bulbs and winter geraniums. The flowers have been chosen to ensure the wall is in bloom all year round, attracting wildlife such as birds, butterflies and bees. The wall’s design enables it to capture rainwater from the roof of the building in dedicated storage tanks. A key environmental challenge in Victoria is the risk of flooding during periods of heavy rain, due to the low absorbency of urban surfaces.

The project follows a Green Infrastructure Audit, a mapping process that sought to identify new locations for green space in Victoria, that was carried out by the Victoria Business Improvement District (Victoria BID), the body representing more than 250 businesses in the area. As a result of the audit, the hotel commissioned concept designs for the wall. It was designed by Gary Grant of the Green Roof Consultancy Ltd and installed and maintained by TreeBox Ltd.

Ruth Duston, CEO of Victoria BID, said, “The Rubens at the Palace Hotel has demonstrated a huge commitment to the delivery of a sustainable agenda, their appetite to engage and lead on such an iconic project really showcases the greening agenda overseen by Victoria BID to deliver a model of best practice for London.”

Jonathan Raggett, managing director of Red Carnation Hotels, said, “We take the issue of sustainable tourismvery seriously across the entire Red Carnation Hotel collection, and this wall will minimise the hotel’s impact on the environment and also improve the air quality and aesthetic in this part of London.”

Red Carnation is a family-run luxury boutique hotel collection founded by South African expat Beatrice Tollman, with properties in London, Dorset, Guernsey, Geneva, South Africa, Florida and Ireland.

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