Resuinsa consolidates US presence in Texas

US: Spanish textiles company Resuinsa is extending the company’s scope to cover California by opening an office in Austin, Texas.

As part of a campaign it has launched to make strides on the West Coast of the United States, Resuinsa has started to collaborate with new clients such as the Hotel San Luis Obispo. The firm hopes that opening its Austin office will allow it to provide up-close, quality service.

Resuinsa CEO Félix Martí said that the company already has a presence in New York, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Missouri, Savannah, Florida, Massachusetts and Illinois, and is now adding new clients in California.

“Our growth forecast is for sales to rise by around 25% in the US over the next three years,” he added.

In doing so, he underlined ‘the complex nature’ of operating in the US due to the size of the country.

Martí said: The biggest challenge that Resuinsa has conquered is dealing with the operational part and making sure that all goods arrive on time to the customers. We anticipate partnering with a local warehouse on the West Coast by the end of the year. Nevertheless, our rate of expansion across the country remains constant and we have started to set up shop in California.

“The company’s international strategy has seen a consolidation of our position in the market, opening in new territories and working with new clients we know appreciate quality, good taste, design and professionalism. Therefore, we offer tailored products that match their requirements.

“On the East Coast, especially in Boston, European products are held in high regard, as in California, where large European companies have set up and with whom we will be competing.

“One of the top trends in the US hospitality sector is smart textiles – an area that Resuinsa has been working in for many years,” he added.

The CEO emphasised the progress made by hospitality companies from Spain in the US, where they are working alongside the leading chains in the sector, first on the eastern seaboard and then with Resuinsa’s arrival on the West Coast.

Martí pointed out that hotel groups from Spain are enjoying ongoing expansion in the Americas, particularly in the US.

He said: “America has become one of the top markets for this hotel sector. Indeed, there are almost 500 hotels from Spain with over 50,000 rooms.”

In turn, he underlined the expertise of hospitality from Spain around the world, with seven chains included in the top 100 released by the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) in 2017.

Martí added: “This is a sign of the great expertise in their hospitality sector, where Resuinsa also plays an important role.”

For more information about Resuinsa, visit the company website here.

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