The Gettys Group relaunches The Hotel of Tomorrow Project

Worldwide: The Gettys Group, a global design and development firm, has relaunched an updated version of The Hotel of Tomorrow Project in response to the challenges facing hospitality businesses in the era of COVID-19.

The forum, first created in 2003, has been revised to suit the digital needs of today’s society, using remote reality and collaboration platform Batterii to connect participants from around the world.

Over 250 participants, spanning architects and designers, hotel brands, consultants, developers, operators, suppliers, and tech companies, will re-examine all components of hospitality.

From consumer-facing messaging to technology integration, the new guest experience journey will be developed and visualised before sharing virtual prototypes for consumer testing.

“Ideas collide and combine in meaningful ways when people with diverse perspectives collaborate,” said Ron Swidler, chief innovation officer at The Gettys Group. “In September, we will share concepts that have been envisioned by the industry, refined by experts and vetted by guests, brands, designers, manufacturers, and more—everyone who has a stake in the future of hospitality.” 

Further information on The Hotel of Tomorrow Project can be found here. 

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