A double-edge sword

The issue of recruitment and, particularly, attracting young people to work in the UK hospitality industry is one which is only likely to intensify over the next few years, so it is heartening to hear the comments of Georgian House Hotel general manager Adam Rowledge, in our interview with him.

A relatively young GM himself, Rowledge says: “A career in hospitality has given me opportunities beyond what I can imagine I’d have had in any other industry. I’ve met some truly amazing people, learned more than I ever thought I would about such a variety of subjects, and I have made some amazing friends and had such fun along the way.”

He also stresses the openness of the industry: “In hospitality anyone can succeed, it’s a meritocracy, so it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what school you went to or your upbringing, everyone can make a real difference to their colleagues and guests from day one and I think that’s really powerful.”

Read the full interview here.

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