Bolder, Braver, Better

Bolder, Braver, Better

It was great to see so many faces at the Hotel Leadership Conference in London last week, presented by the Master Innholders. Two major topics which were discussed across the two-day event were sustainability and diversity and inclusion – subjects which are valued by, and appeal to jobseekers. As the industry continues to face staffing challenges, it’s clear why these topics were given priority.

Whilst at the event, I sat down with one of the speakers: Florian Montag, business development manager at apaleo. He made a noteworthy point during his presentation that the employee experience (EX) needs careful consideration in light of the digital trends accelerated by the pandemic. Montag explained: “If you really want to streamline processes and leverage the benefits of a digital guest journey… you need to look at the processes from the employee side at each of these touch points.” You can watch the full interview here.

Understanding the end-to-end employee journey will help to identify any areas for improvement. It appears that contactless stays are here to stay, and ensuring that team members are up-skilled to meet the needs of today’s guest (both in-person and online) will become a competitive advantage in the future.

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