Drawing the line

As the dust settles after the UK election result, it has become clear that the UK is going to leave the European Union, and soon.

This is obviously going to have major implications for the hotel sector and the wider travel and hospitality space, touching on issues including freedom of movement, staff recruitment and retention, the country’s image abroad, the exchange rate and much more.

UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls said: “A majority means that we begin to draw a line under the uncertainty we have felt over the last few years. The priority for this Government will be to secure the best Brexit possible, and the sooner it does that the sooner it needs to fulfil its election promises to business. We want to see the promised reduction in business rates delivered at the earliest opportunity. The new Government must also support business in delivering employment and an increase in skills and opportunities across the board.”

There are going to be difficulties for the sector, but at least we will know the new parameters for business sooner rather than later, and as innovative and inventive as hoteliers are, they have to – and will – make the best of the situation.

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