Future stars

• What does it take to become a successful hotel manager as the role of the job evolves and becomes more complex at dizzying speed?

According to Matthieu Mioche of the Les Roches hotel school in Switzerland, you need
general attributes including teamwork, leadership, creativity and organisation, as well as more specific skills such as marketing, business, finance, social media and more.

I would add to that list emotional intelligence and determination. Hotel management could be compared to running a corporation in microcosm, and as the equivalent of the CEO, the GM – while he is likely to have help in some of the specific areas listed above – will need a fairly sophisticated understanding of them all, particularly in the field of revenue management.

Mioche goes in to more detail here about the skills required for the sector, as well as talking about how to go about getting the right qualifications to set prospective GMs on the right road. If you have any staff members you think could be leaders of the future, please share the article with them.

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