Hospitality and travel alphabet

Travel and hospitality alphabet

[Credit: David Kovalenko on Unsplash]

I enjoyed working alongside my colleagues George (editor-in-chief, IHM) and Paul (editor, ShortTermRentalz) on our travel and hospitality alphabet for 2022. Overarching themes involve sustainability and technology, though some surprising inclusions such as yachts and mobility made the list.

The push for climate neutral projects is starting to build momentum, and in some early cases being brought to life. Scandic Hotels Group has just signed a long-term lease agreement with Skanska to develop a hotel powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity in Sundsvall. It is arguably easier to implement energy efficient and other sustainable initiatives when starting from scratch – the trick to master is retrofitting existing properties to meet the inevitable government regulations and requirements for commercial buildings.

I suspect more zero carbon hotels will make the headlines from here on out as pressure mounts from consumers, stakeholders and the law. As such, the introduction of eco-certified labels and achieving WELL Building standards are bound to increase. It’s exactly why we’ve included these in our A-Z list too – you can read the full piece here.

Have we missed something you believe is important? Let me know using the contact details here.

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