Aman makes a splash

Aman makes a splash

[Credit: Mohamed Masaau on Unsplash]

The pandemic has prompted many hotel brands to reassess their offering. The Hoxton has launched pop-up camping tents and campervan tours; Another Place (The Lake) has introduced shepherds huts and a treehouse. Making a splash on the scene is Aman with a superyacht in the pipeline for 2025.

Set to offer 50 suites, several F&B options, a spa and beach club, it’s the most luxurious innovation I’ve seen in the past two years. A joint venture between Aman and Cruise Saudi, the vessel – temporarily named Project Sama – will certainly reimagine the concept of luxury hospitality.

This isn’t the first time that a hotel group is taking to the high seas. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, originally scheduled for a November 2021 launch, has been postponed to May this year. And Margaritaville at Sea, the second hotel brand in the market, will be setting sail in April.

The opportunities granted from expanding into the boating industry are vast. Just as we’ve seen road trips take off from the rise in domestic travel, there’s potential to introduce a cruise-and-stay offer incorporating the existing hotel product. Loyal guests could convert into cruisers, and it widens the net for attracting new customers.

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