Keep it simple

The Hotel Room of the Future initiative at the recent Independent Hotel Show was a fascinating project which looked at, among other things, how the use of technology could improve the guest experience.

The designers behind it, Nicholas Sunderland and Gilly Craft of Two’s Company, said: “Creating a room with 21st century technology, luxury, comfort and outstanding service for the guest, as well as seamless interaction with front of house and housekeeping, are the challenges of today’s hotelier. The Hotel Room of The Future round table forum revealed that technology is important on both sides but should not be invasive or difficult to use. It should be intelligent and responsive, integrated into the room. Seamless use of technology, in automatically updating housekeeping with individual requirements, for example, and a front of house that responds without intrusion or delay, is the aim. In addition, the guest requires comfort, elegance and style that is unique and individual. Our choices to convey this are carefully chosen and researched to create a room with outstanding product and service.”

But as well as using technology, the designers also stressed the importance of keeping it simple where sleeping is concerned – a good bed and good pillows are essential items, while any tech involved in the actual bed could actually be a distraction and reduce sleep quality. Click here to hear more about the project, and here to read about some of the industry’s leading bed and bedding suppliers in our latest supplier spotlight.

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