One man, Four Seasons

One man, Four Seasons

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Alejandro Reynal’s appointment as CEO and president of Four Seasons Hotels and Resortscomes at an exciting time for the group. Having recently announced its foray into luxury yachts and celebrated the first flight of its brand new private jet, Four Seasons is clearly betting on the future of ultra-luxe travel experiences. Current trends show a demand for blow-out, high-quality trips which could place Four Seasons in a strong position to capture market share within the luxury travel and hospitality space.

Reynal joins Four Seasons from Apple Leisure Group – a resort management company which integrates all relevant travel companies to offer a complete holiday package. Reynal is therefore no stranger to leading a business with various moving components, but where he’s likely to shape Four Seasons’ legacy is in the use and application of data.

For the luxury hospitality segment, developing rich customer profiles is part and parcel of delivering first-class service standards. And Reynal’s experience at Atento, a global customer relationship management firm, for example, would suggest he’s the right man for the job. Michael Larson, chief investment officer at Cascade, the majority owner of Four Seasons, even praised Reynal’s ability to “leverage the power of data and insights, and deliver top financial performance and value to both investors and customers”.

I look forward to seeing what Reynal will achieve with Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts.

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