Event round-up

Event round-up

[Credit: Wesley Tingey on Unsplash]

The editorial team at IHM have recently spoken to operators and service providers within the wider travel industry to understand the supply and demand levels in Qatar and neighbouring cities ahead of the FIFA World Cup. We learnt a lot during the process, and as we edge ever closer to the kick-off date it’s expected that Qatar could reach sell out levels. Read the full piece here.

In other news, IHM in partnership with AHV Associates and H+G hosted an event at the House of Lords last week. Following short presentations from six industry figures, we discussed the state of the hotel market. The bid-ask spread is reportedly the largest seen in 20 years, and with valuations expected to take a hit next year, distress volume is likely to support transactions. Take a look at some key takeaways from the event here.

At Deloitte’s European Hospitality Industry Conference, attendee sentiment was similar. Although global hotel demand is 94 per cent recovered (with China and Asia lagging), high interest rates are proving to be one of the top challenges that hoteliers face. The next six months will see greater emphasis on operational efficiencies balanced against controlling costs.

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