Tribal Behaviour

The notion of the tribe – and the science of psychographics – was the main topic of discussion at the  Sleep Event – the annual gathering of the hotel design community and its suppliers.

Pyschographics is essentially the study of behaviour dictated by interests and passions, rather than the conventional demographic groupings of age, income, gender and so on.

It got me thinking that “attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria” – as the definition of pyschographics has it, can be much more powerful and indeed unpredictable than demographics.

So it’s good to see some focus on this in the hotel sector, which is realising that they way society is rapidly evolving, you can’t be complacent and expect a certain guest to have tastes and behaviours dictated by demographics.

This is particularly true these days of age – and some hoteliers are now defining millennials as a group of guests with certain common interest and habits, rather than just an age group.

It’s worth looking further in to this phenomenon with regards to your own property – what are the factors that unite your guests, and bring them back to stay with you more than once.

Perhaps it is more nuanced than you might think, as hotel guest behaviour is starting to prove that millennial behaviour, for example, is more a state of mind than a function of linear time.

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