Under the influence

Influencer marketing is a field where many hotels and hoteliers feel they are stepping in to the unknown. It’s a new and fast-moving phenomenon, and until relatively recently the results have been notoriously hard to track and quantify.

Kimpton’s latest foray in to influencer marketing is an intriguing one – the company commissioned a local artist to transform Room 301 at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Los Angeles into an “Instagrammable space” by painting a pair of her signature street art angel wings on one wall. Over the next three months, the hotel then invited several social media influencers to stay in the room and share their experiences on Instagram. The interactive room allowed guests to leave mementos for the next occupant – through a guest book, Polaroid pictures, message boards and a shared Spotify playlist

The results were impressive, with the experiment aimed to appeal to millennials, who tend to seek experiences to share on social media, by giving guests a glimpse into the lives of previous occupants.

A well conceived influencer marketing campaign needn’t be expensive or wildly inventive – it just needs a solid idea behind it and the appropriate influencers to be involved. It is this last piece of the jigsaw that can still be troublesome, but the industry is finally moving in the right direction.

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