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Recruitment and staff retention is always at or near the top of the list when hoteliers are asked about the challenges the industry faces.

And with Brexit making the picture even more uncertain, it’s great to see a hotelier using his knowledge and experience to try and do something positive and help the situation.

Vivek Chadha – founder and CEO of Nine Hotel Group – says he has identified a gap in the market for a hotel-specific recruitment platform and has launched Hotelhouse.co

Chadha says: “We’re not just another hospitality recruitment agency or jobs board, as we’re not looking to profit from advertising vacancies or benefit from the high rate of turnover that we all see and that is increasing as we start to see the impact of Brexit on the hospitality industry. EU workers form a large percentage of our industry and as the Brexit negotiations proceed, we’re seeing a negative impact across the industry as we are struggling to attract and recruit highly qualified and experienced staff into our teams due to the ongoing uncertainty. We’re aiming to solve issues we see all the time in the hotel industry – high recruitment costs, frequent staff turnover and a lack of the right candidates for the right roles.”

We will follow the initiative’s progress with interest.

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