EquipHotel 2018 review: Studio 18 Rooms of the Future

At the EquipHotel 2018 trade show in Paris, a temporary exhibition called Studio 18 was displayed which offered an insight into what hotel rooms could look like in the future.

The establishment, designed by renowned architect, Jean-Philippe Nuel, comprised of rooms which incorporated customised services and innovative products to present a futuristic vision of rooms which would offer solutions to its guests in the form of a sensory and dual-purpose room.

What differentiated Studio 18 from other exhibitions was the way in which it merged both sensory and dual-purpose aspects to create a two-in-one room, with everything that one would feasibly require from a hotel. The sensory room, described as a “peaceful and comfortable cocoon”, included a bathroom with both a functional hygiene area and a wellbeing space as well as an outside view which brought light into the room. By introducing light changes and a range of practical materials across the space, Nuel believed he could appeal to a guest’s senses and generate emotions ranging from inspiration to escapism.

Meanwhile, the dual-purpose room was designed to cater for both families and business people, by providing familiar traditional features of a high-end boutique hotel which integrated modular furniture into the space. Noticeably, the furniture could be moved about to accommodate a family for sleeping arrangements or configured to arrange space for a small, informal business meeting.

The entire Studio 18 display was located on three floors, with the rooms section located on the bottom floor. In addition, there was a fine-dining area featuring a drinks and snacks bar (designed by Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet) as well as a digital rooftop which acted as a relaxed living space suited for co-working and special events (designed by Julie Gauthron, Christophe Gautrand and Benjamin Deshoulières).

Boutique Hotel News spoke to Studio 18 project director Thierry Virvaire about the temporary exhibition.

  • What can you tell us about Studio 18 that you presented at EquipHotel?

 “STUDIO18 was born in 2016 with the intention of showing our visitors our vision of an establishment/hotel/restaurant created with the expertise of our exhibitors.  For the second edition 2018, we asked the architect/interior designer team selected in 2016 to go one step further and to work deeply on the experience shared by those visitors. We don’t want museum-like scenes anymore but rather places that can be lived in, experienced and understood.  We have dedicated more than 2500 square metres to STUDIO18.”

  • How do the rooms showcase the living spaces of tomorrow with their innovations?

“We showcase current trends in response to hotel owners needs. Our main aim is to design hotel rooms rather than private rooms or apartments that follow consumer trends on the international market. Innovation can be found in design and comfortable easy technology. Over the past years we have concentrated on lobbies or shared spaces. This year we went back to back to our main hotel subject which took the form of the “Rooms” spaces. By focusing on the main criteria of a Room, we propose solutions to bring a room to life for day purposes such as welcoming clients, partners, friends of family members, or proposing wellbeing and pleasure in a daytime atmosphere.”

  • What trends are you seeing in the multifamily sharing space industry at the moment?

“The main trends are modularity and multi-purpose ability. We look at ways of changing how we use a chair, a table or a bed. The idea is to behave freely and adapt to our different moods.”

  • What do you hope to achieve by displaying this exhibition?

“We believe that experience is the only way to decide if a user will adopt a product or service. Our visitors are looking for answers and solutions by visiting EquipHotel. They are expecting to be inspired and to find trends that meet their expectations.  STUDIO18 is also an opportunity to show how professional groups need to work together – every step is a link in creating the overall hotel experience.”

  • How are your rooms adapted to different clients such as business people and travellers?

“Whatever your purpose in life is, at the end of the day we are all workers and tourists. The technology we use and bring with us enables us to play both of these role at each moment of the day so modularity and variety must be at the heart of each place we stay in.”

This formed an striking comparison between Studio 18 and Two’s Company’s Hotel Room of the Future, which was designed by Nick Sunderland and Gilly Craft and displayed at the Independent Hotel Show earlier this year.

Like Studio 18, Sunderland and Craft conceived the concept of an immersive room which incorporated trends and schemes which industry experts believe will soon become prevalent in boutique hotel interior design.

The Hotel Room of the Future featured an interconnected lounge area, bedroom and bathroom, in which guests would be surrounded by luxury British-based interior features. These ranged from British designed sofas and chairs from the recently-launched Nexus Range by Knightsbridge Furniture to the new JAB Contract collection easy-care fabrics and textiles.

Sunderland said: The future of hotel interior design will continue to have the luxe factor with opulent fabrics taking centre stage. Customers are wanting to experience six-star comfort.

“Hoteliers tell us that it’s all about the detail for their guests, be it stunning sofas and chairs, beautiful curtains, baby soft towels or sumptuous linen, all these aspects have to be considered,” he added.

The co-founders also pointed to the importance of well-designed lighting to help create ambiences to instil a sense of escapism in the guests staying in the rooms and ensure they have the most complete guest experience. Likewise, the bathroom featured a floating “hammock” bath from Splinter Works, which allows the guest to sit back and take comfort in their hammock-like surroundings.

“We ensure your clients are cocooned in comfort,” said Sunderland and Craft.

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