How to give your hotel lounge a traditional British feel

Matt Deighton of Timeless Chesterfields shares his top tips for giving your hotel lounge a traditional British feel.

It’s important that your hotel lounge has a warm and homely feel to it – you want your guests to feel comfortable, after all. And, a great way to transform it into a welcoming space is by updating the décor to give it a traditional British look.

Here, I’ll outline how you can incorporate some old fashioned British charm into the design of your hotel lounge. I’ll cover what kind of furniture you should invest in, how you can use colours to update your space, and more. Read on to learn everything you’ll need to know.

Add some splashes of colour
Colour plays a huge part in British design so, when you’re updating your hotel lounge, it’s vital that you include some bold hues. This will give your space some real personality, and will help you to stand out from your competitors.

But, how can you add colour to your lounge without going too far? Use small elements, such as cushions, vases, artwork, and ornaments, to add hints of colour here and there, which will help to pull the room together.

If you aren’t afraid of making a statement, buying feature pieces such as sofas and rugs in a bright shade can work wonderfully, too. Just make sure you stick to a complementary colour palette, as this will ensure your final result looks great.
If you don’t know where to start, BBC Homes has a guide to planning a colour scheme that can help you out. It explains how to create the right mood, where colours complement each other, and how you can link different rooms together.

Choose quality traditional furniture
Furniture is the backbone of every hotel lounge, so it’s important that you choose it wisely. Of course, you’ll have to focus on how comfortable and practical everything is. But, when you’re going for a traditional British look, you also need to put a lot of thought into what style of furniture you’re going to buy.

For centuries, the UK has made high-quality furniture. Once upon a time, these pieces were only seen in the wealthiest of homes, which means they exude a sense of luxury. So, by investing in authentic British furniture, you can help to give your hotel a particularly classy look.

If you want to keep your furniture for years to come, it’s best to opt for classic designs that will never look outdated. Chesterfield sofas are a great example of this – they’re versatile enough to look great in both modern and traditional rooms, and have a very rich history. Plus, they’re incredibly stylish, which means they can only upgrade the look of your hotel lounge.

Display some collectables around the space
Ornaments, figurines, and ceramics are often arranged on the sideboards of British homes, and this is something that you can replicate quite easily within your hotel. Car boot sales, markets, and online auctions are treasure troves for these kinds of bits and bobs. And, if you do your research and bide your time, you should be able to pick up some bargains. Once you have a selection, you can place them on windowsills, coffee tables, side boards, or wherever else you think they’ll work. Just make sure you use them sparingly, or your lounge could end up looking too cluttered

Add a hint of culture
Every authentic British hotel should come with a dash of culture, and you can introduce this to your lounge by displaying books and artwork around the space. This will look great in terms of décor, but it will also give the room and sense of personality and give guests something to look at and enjoy while they’re waiting around for their friends or taxi.

Hang some large pieces of art on the walls, fill any bookshelves, and make sure there are always coffee table books on hand for people to flick through. This will heighten their hotel experience, and help to give you establishment a classic British look.

Incorporate classic textiles
There are heritage textiles you can incorporate into the design of your hotel lounge to help give it a traditional British look. Tartan, tweed, and patterned knits are all quintessentially British, and would help to give your space a cosy and classic look.

You can add hints of these using cushions and throws, or you can choose key pieces like sofas and rugs. It just depends on the look you’re going for. However you decide to use them, incorporating classic textiles into your décor is a great way to bring British style into your establishment.

When people visit your hotel, the lounge is likely to be the first thing they’ll see. So, it’s vital that you make a great first impression. Be giving your space a traditional British makeover, it will look luxurious, classy, and very cosy. What more could your guests want? 

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