Adelphi Hotel renovation to be unveiled in spring

US: The renovated Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York, will reopen in spring 2017.

US: The renovated Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York, will reopen in spring 2017.

Owner The Adelphi Hospitality Group has revealed its plans for the final phase of renovation of The Adelphi Hotel, a boutique hotel built in 1877.

It says the reopened property will “blend old world grace and its Victorian grandeur with modern touches to create a memorable hospitality experience of luxury and elegance in order to live up to the history and legacy of The Adelphi Hotel”.

The company has also focused on the engineering of the 150-year-old building to ensure it is structurally sound for centuries to come. Crews replaced deteriorated columns, installed load-bearing steel beams, and poured concrete to replace uneven wood floors that had worn out over the years.

“The revitalised Adelphi Hotel will honour the style and simple elegance of Saratoga Springs, while delivering a modern and luxurious sensibility that embodies first class services of a grand hotel,” said Simon Milde, managing partner of the Adelphi Hospitality Group.

“The 150-year-old historic boutique hotel has been reimagined for the millennium to personify a modern twist, and eclectic revival of, timeless ideals. Our goal is to honour the past by looking at every element that makes each experience memorable for our guests,”  he added.

The team for the renovation includes architect Dominick Ranieri Architect, and architectural and interior design firm Glen & Company Architecture. Glen & Company is responsible for the interior design of the 32 guest rooms, the hotel’s public spaces including the lobby bar, restaurant, second floor piazza, conservatory café, among many others.

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