Approval sought to convert historic bank house into boutique hotel

UK: Warrington Borough Council is planning to sell a Grade II listed building as part of plans to bring a town centre site back into economic use.

Approval is being sought from the cabinet to convert the existing buildings at Garven Place into a boutique hotel, restaurant, spa and swimming pool, along with the development of residential apartments and public car park.

The Garven Place site comprises a former NHS clinic and adjoining public car park, along with Bank House and No 86 Sankey Street.

Land to the rear of Bank House is currently a council-operated public car park. One condition of the sale is that this provision remains in the redevelopment scheme.

Councillor Russ Bowden of Warrington Borough Council said: “We have strong aspirations for Warrington town cenre, and these plans aim to support our ongoing economic regeneration and growth. Bringing forward the development of Garvin Place site has been a long held ambition, and the current market and wider town centre developments mean we now have a fantastic opportunity to do this.”

Bowden added: “This is a strategically important, high profile site, and if these proposals are given the go-ahead, it would enable us to regenerate an area of unused vacant land and deliver an aspirational and quality scheme for the town centre.”

On Monday, September 9, the cabinet will discuss the appointment of a preferred developer at Garven Place. There will be a report back to cabinet in 2020 for final terms regarding the disposal of the property after details of the project and planning consent has been confirmed.

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