Boston redevelopment to include boutique hotel

US: A Boston redevelopment project has been proposed, which will feature a 135-key boutique hotel.

It was submitted to the city council this week by planning and project permitting firm Fort Point Associates.

The proposal would cover an area in Boston’s north end which overlooks the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a sizeable green-belt park which covers much of the city. Around 3,363 square feet are included in the two parcels, which are near a conveniently located Boston metro station.

Katie Moniz, Fort Point Associates senior project manager, said in the filing: “The project will help to address Boston’s growing hospitality demands by supplying needed hotel rooms at a gateway location to Boston’s North End along the Greenway. The project site remains one of the last parcels along the Greenway to complete the vision of a vibrant community space with unique buildings that reflect Boston’s historic neighbourhoods.”

The redevelopment would include two restaurants as well, one affiliated with the hotel and one independent. It would also include an open-air passageway to the green space, which is behind the two parcels.

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