Boutique guesthouse The Lost Poet opening in London

UK: Located at Number 6 Portobello Road in Notting Hill, The Lost Poet is a four-bedroom townhouse designed by the team at Cubic Studios.

Cubic Studios, also based in Notting Hill, has created four individually designed rooms that feature modern art, bold wallpapers and bespoke furniture. It marks the team’s first hospitality project.

Each room has a dedicated colour palette and name, and all include a lounge area with TVs. The Suite (yellow) is situated on the lower level; The Quarters (green) is located on the ground floor with a street view townhouse window; The Salon (pink) is on the first floor; and The Muse (blue) is a two-level suite with a private roof terrace on the top floor.

Antique pieces of furniture include an Irish armchair and chaise lounge, sourced by the team at The French House and up-cycled by Timorous Beasties. Other pieces have been sourced from local Portobello dealers.

Bathrooms feature brassware from Samuel Heath and Spanish tiles, with wallpaper from House of Hackney and Maison C. 

Guests can access the townhouse at any time of the day or night, and it will only be available to adults either on an individual room basis or for exclusive use. A concierge and housekeeping team is available on request, and breakfast is complimentary.

The Lost Poet is scheduled to open June 2021.

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