Cosmetics guru Bobbi Brown opens boutique hotel

US: Makeup mogul Bobbi Brown has opened a hotel in Montclair, New Jersey.

In conjunction with her husband Steven Plofker, Brown has opened the pet friendly George Inn, a 32-room boutique hotel that is just 30 minutes by train from Manhattan.

The George Inn was built in 1902 as a private mansion by architect Charles Van Vleck, who designed it for his father. The landmarked residence was transformed into an inn in 1940. It took Brown and Plofker two years to renovate the property.

Each suite is named instead of numbered. Guests can stay in “The Jack,” named for Jacks like Jack Kennedy and Jack Nicholson; or “The Shirley,” named for Shirleys like Shirley Temple and Shirley Chisholm. The rooms are decorated with photographs of their famous namesakes.

While the inn does not have a restaurant, it does boast a full kitchen and a breakfast room.

Brown has said she pictures the inn as “a place for tourists looking for a cool indie experience, as well as for local families who might come to the inn for brunch – or for couples to come for a romantic getaway, while leaving their kids at home”.

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