Design driven Les Cactus opens in Palm Springs

US: The town of Palm Springs has welcomed a new resort, designed around the look of the desert.

Les Cactus is a collaboration between rising Los Angeles hotel star Matthew Kurtz, and local hoteliers Richard Crisman and Jeff Brock. The spot, which went under the names of Warm Sands Villas and the Terra Cotta Resort, has been in operation for over 80 years.

Named after a 1960s French rock song, the resort refreshes the 30s aesthetic of the existing property. The partners aim to create a minimalist yet chic design, representing a timeless Californian aesthetic.

Kurtz hopes to create a relaxed environment, with comfort at the forefront. He said: “We want guests to feel as comfortable as they would in the home of a best friend or family member.”

This includes a significant number of communal spaces, which offer music, books, relaxation resources, and free snacks. Sustainability is a key focus of Kurtz’s design, with reusable water bottles available to visitors at any time of day.

The hotel features 27 guestrooms, a mix of rooms and suites, with amenities including hot tubs, massage facilities, and a heated pool. Guests will also be able to purchase a variety of curated products, including potted mini cacti.

For Kurtz, the goal was to pay homage to the Palm Springs of the past, given the town’s history as a vacation spot for families from nearby Los Angeles. The views of cacti upon arrival, the rich pink exterior and the green and white stripe accenting across the building all call back to the town’s desert resort history.

Southern California is a popular site for investment, with Mariott opening an EDITION hotel in West Hollywood, and ROR Investments planning a cannabis resort in nearby Desert Hot Springs.

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