Dwell Lifestyle to open boutique hotel in Davao City

Philippines: Dwell Lifestyle is investing P100 million for a boutique hotel in Davao City, Mindanao, to cater to the growing tourist market.

The five-storey hotel is expected to start construction within the last quarter of the year, with plans to open the first two floors in 2021.

Stifanny Guira-Falconi, business development officer of Dwell Lifestyle, said: “The concept, in terms of design, is more modern yet minimalist,” and remarked how customers are to “experience [a] Dabawenyo feel of hospitality.”

Guira-Falconi’s family, who also own restaurants and hair salons, will be building the hotel. There is expected to be a loan component in the planned P100 million investment.

Guira-Falconi mentioned that when the project was conceptualised, the initial proposal to have the property managed by another group was overridden as it could “compromise the personal touch of the service that [the hotel] will offer.”

Additionally, the hotel will include serviced apartments and commercial spaces where a second branch of the family’s restaurant, Mossa Restaurant and Bakery, will be located.

At present, the family is finalising the permit for the project.

Jose Raymond R. dela Paz of the Davao Tourism Association said that the entry of new players in the hospitality industry is necessary because of the growing number of local and foreign visitors.

According to the City Tourism Operations Office, there averaged 1.2 million visitors to the city within the first half of the year – 8.6 per cent higher than the previous year.

Based on projections from property consultant Prime Philippines, the number of rooms in Davao City will grow by 1,400 next year from about 8,000 at present.

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