Edinburgh restaurant introduces a ‘split bill’ arrangement for first dates

Scotland: In a bid to relieve the awkwardness felt by couples on a first date, a split bill will be offered at Blackwood’s Bar & Grill.

The restaurant forms part of the boutique hotel, Nira Caledonia, on Gloucester Place in Edinburgh’s New Town.

The team at Blackwood’s describe the offering as a “forward-thinking move”. Restaurant manager, Garry Harding, added: “We like to do things differently and there’s no other restaurant in the city offering anything like this.”

“It won’t be forced upon couples,” Harding continued, “we won’t be making any assumptions about whether it’s a first date or not! Guests need only mention it whilst making the booking either over the phone or online via the website.”

The restaurant serves a seasonal menu, and features a specialist Josper oven – an open-flame grill that burns charcoal at a high temperature to retain food’s natural moisture and flavour.

“We encourage a shared dining experience at Blackwood’s and choose only the highest quality suppliers in our local area. We attract many visitors who are looking for something a bit special, but there is certainly a dish to suit every taste,” finished Harding.

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