New 4C Hotels property to be built in Victoria

UK: Hospitality design firm Dexter Moren Associates (DMA) have won a contract to construct a new hotel in the heart of Victoria.

The new property will be part of client 4C Hotels’ suite of existing properties.

Construction will be located less than five minutes’ walk from Victoria station, and hopes to add a more active frontage to the area around the station. Its design is influenced by the nearby Westminster Cathedral Conservation Area.

Mark Wood, partner at DMA said: “In order to break the composition of the building within its streetscape setting, the overall façade has been broken up into several tonal elements, giving it two appearances. This project adds to DMA’s growing portfolio of considered, unique and interesting hotels that we have been designing and building in towns and cities across Britain and beyond.”

DMA plans to use a combination of masonry and stone to allow the building to successfully blend in with its two disparate surrounding areas. This will give it an inverted colour scheme depending on its nearest facades.

The hotel will be eight storeys tall and include 137 rooms, as well as residential units with dedicated entrances onto Kings Scholars’ Passage. Additional amenities include restaurant, food and bar facilities available to the public and guests.

Central London is seeing many developments during the month of May. Oberoi Group has added a serviced residences property in Mayfair, while the famous Ritz hotel has been sold for “half the market price.

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