The Resident submits plans for first Edinburgh property

UK: Formerly known as Nadler Hotels, boutique brand The Resident has begun planning for its first Edinburgh property.

The group submitted plans for a property conversion earlier this week.

The Resident Hotels currently has five boutique properties across London and Liverpool. Its plans to transform an office block into a 166-bed hotel near Princes Street.

The current building is being leased by HMRC, but its tenure will end in April 2021. The property would be converted by Cannon Capital Developments if approved.

The group said in their planning statement: “The change of use proposed will see the creation of a high quality hotel in a highly accessible city centre location. The hotel proposed will positively enhance the vitality of the city centre and will contribute to Edinburgh’s role as a capital city and key tourist attraction.”

As with all other The Resident hotels, the conversion will not include restaurant, bar or café facilities, instead encouraging visitors to visit local businesses.

Edinburgh was recently named as one of the cities “best positioned” for recovery at the end of the global pandemic. The city also recently approved another conversion, of a Princes Street members club, into a boutique property.

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