The Slate unveils “Scent Corner”

The Slate unveils “Scent Corner"

[Credit: The Slate]

Thailand: Secluded art-inspired resort in Phuket, The Slate, debuts its “Scent Corner” showcasing a selection of organic perfumed oils.

Curated by the hotel’s co-founder and owner, Krystal Prakaikaew Na-Ranong, each scent reflects the tropical surroundings of Phuket.

There are five choices of oils, including Ilusión, Opus, Brill, Rhyme and Allure. In-house customers and visiting tourists are offered the opportunity to mix their own fragrances, using a blend of Ilusión and any of the four other oils.

The resort’s boutique, The Stockroom, provides a broader collection of 24 essential oils, with an average 30ml bottle priced at THB 3,500 (£80 GBP).

The Slate also provides a floral art class, designed for couples and families and taught by an onsite professional.

Na-Ranong said: “At The Slate, we believe that travel is not only about sightseeing – it should be an immersive journey of discovery that stimulates the senses, lingers in the mind and touches the heart. Strolling through our floral gardens, I am always overcome by the aromas of the herbs and flowers, including white champaka. This gave me the idea to develop our Scent Corner, where customers can create their own perfumed tropical oil that will transport them straight back to The Slate, months or even years after they checked out. I am delighted to unveil this aromatic experience that fulfils our mission to create memories that last a lifetime.”

The Scent Corner is located in the resort’s lobby and open daily from 9am to 8pm.

Other amenities offered at The Slate include the restaurant Black Ginger with a menu of southern Thai cuisine, as well as the Coqoon Spa. Interiors have been designed by Bill Bensley, and artworks can be explored in a QR-code enabled ‘art-journey’.

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