The Mondrian brand to arrive in Europe

France: The Cannes Grand Hotel on the Croisette is expected to reopen in 2021, whereas a second 97-room property is set to open in Bordeaux for the second half of 2021.

The 11-storey Cannes Grand Hotel features a restaurant and bar overlooking a 4,000 metre-squared private garden, adjustable meeting rooms, as well as a private beach opening in 2020.

The Bordeaux hotel, to be built around a 19th century building, will be spread over three floors. Once complete, it will comprise a bar lounge, a spa, meeting space and an open-air terrace. The project is due to break ground this spring.

Mondrian is the 26th brand that Accor have introduced to its global portfolio, with Europe representing almost 50 per cent of its total assets. The group is set to launch an additional 350,000 rooms by 2020 worldwide.

Speaking solely of its luxury and premium brands, Accor holds 20 of the most prestigious. Three of which – Sofitel, Rixos and Fairmont – are ranked in the top 10 luxury brands in Europe.

Accor is continuing to accelerate its development in Europe, aiming to reach 300 hotels and 50,000 rooms under its luxury and premium brands by 2023.

Late last year, Accor’s most recent brand, greet, was launched. Said to combine “environmental considerations with a socially responsible approach for travellers seeking authenticity”, the brand seeks to open 300 hotels in Europe by 2030.

Franck Gervais, CEO Europe, said, “Accor is bolstering its leadership of the European hospitality market by placing meaning and the customer experience at the heart of its approach. Accor has achieved its goal of advancing its luxury range in Europe and has succeeded in offering a portfolio of brands as wide as it is varied. We are now capable of meeting all our customers’ needs. Our hotels are living spaces where our guests come to stay, eat, enjoy a gig, work and play. We strive every day to offer a range of services that match their needs in increasingly diverse destinations.”

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