Yacht-themed hotel opens in Southampton

UK: Harbour Hotel opens in Southampton’s Ocean Village

Harbour Hotel has launched in Southampton, offering a luxury accommodation option in the city’s harbour area.

The boat-shaped hotel houses 85 rooms and is located in the Ocean Village marina in Southampton, Hampshire, within walking distance of cruise ships arriving and departing from the city.

Facilities include a spa, gym, nightclub and cinema. The outdoor terrace includes a fire pit and a wood-fired oven with a heated canopy, enabling year-round use.

Nicolas Roach, executive chairman of the Nicolas James Group, the parent company of Harbour Hotels, said: “We believe our hotel, which will open as a five-star, will provide a boost for Southampton’s economy. People want quality and they are willing to pay for that.”

Mike Warren, managing director of Harbour Hotels, which owns a number of properties across the south of England, said: “We are very excited to be opening this month. Our spectacular five-star hotel has an indulgent spa and will provide a number of fantastic dining experiences for guests before they set off on their cruise… Our yacht-inspired design will sit beautifully in Ocean Village Marina and we want it to reflect Southampton’s thriving marine culture that makes it one of the most desirable marina locations in the UK.”

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